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American Guard Security offers courtesy vehicle security patrol services. Courtesy Vehicle Security Patrol can reduce any break-ins, vandalism, and other crimes against your property, staff, residents, and visitors. Courtesy Security Patrol Services are our most decorated and trusted security guards; each guard goes through proper training of the client’s operational procedures. We provide you with a confident and proactive Vehicle Patrol Services, who,  when the time comes, can be trusted to make the right decisions and act in accordance with the law, while you are away from your business.

The patrol security guards at American Guard Security cover a specific geographical area by patrol vehicles, bicycles, or on foot to watch for suspicious activity. They use local security agents to get access to local information and can cover both random and scheduled routes. To achieve top-level security, a mobile patrol service can complement stand watch services. It is also a great alternative to an on-site security guard. Unlike the traditional security guard solutions, American Guard Security patrol guards helps in avoiding potential threats and prevent criminals from inflicting any kind of harm. You can  keep a track of what’s going around your premise.

American Guard Security, patrol security guards use Tracking System, our very own electronic GPS, and time-stamped photo reports of each patrol. Courtesy Vehicle Patrol Security is the best way to secure your home, business, or any event. If you’ve never considered hiring patrol services, feel free to give us a call for a free Security Guard Services Patrol Quote. American Guard Security patrol services are one of the most reliable and innovative security guard companies in California.

American Guard Security Services offers roving patrol services, on-site protection, parking enforcement, property protection and personal services.

American Guard Security Services protects:

  • Residential property
  • Commercial property
  • Private events
  • Fumigation projects
  • Construction sites
  • Churches

If you believe that you have a community, multi – living unit, or commercial property that may be well suited to our strengths, ambitions and our Courtesy Patrol type module, then we are excited to hear from you. We look forward to serving you with all of your security related needs. If you are shopping for a new security vendor, give us a call, we are ready and willing to provide quotes and attend board meetings! Our prices are competitive and we guarantee our service to meet your standards. We are committed to our clients‘ specific needs and tailoring services accordingly specializing in custom security plans to fit your specific situation.


Security Guards Company in Los Angeles, Irvine, San Diego & Orange – California


American Guard Security provides Courtesy Patrol Security Services for:

• Airport Security
• Alarm Response
• Apartment Complexes
• Auctions
• Auto Dealers
• Business Parks
• Shopping Center
• Churches
• Clinics
• Clubs• Concierge Services
• Condominium Complexes
• Construction Sites
• Crossing Guards
• Doorman Services
• Emergency Services
• Escort Services
• Financial Institutions
• Fire Watch Services
• Foot Patrol
• Gated Communities
• Golf Cart Patrol
• Government Facilities
• Guest Services
• Home Owners Associations (HOA)
• Hotels
• Hospitals
• Loss Prevention
• Video Surveillance
• Mall Security
• Manufacturing Facilities
• Maritime Security
• Motels
• Movie Studios
• Neighborhood Patrols
• Office Buildings
• Parade Security
• Patrol Services
• Personal Security
• Private Events
• Protection Services
• Public Transportation
• Residential Security

• Retail Stores
• Restaurants

• School Security
• Shopping Centers
• Special Events
• Sporting Events
• Storage Facilities
• Strikes
• Synagogues
• Trade Shows
• Traffic Control
• Temple Centers
• Union Disputes | Vandalism Prevention

• Courtesy Vehicle Patrol
• Warehouse Security


Which Area Do We Serve?

American Guard Security offers a wide variety of security Services in all areas of California, including Orange, Riverside and San Diego. If you are interested in patrol or security services for your company, business or community, contact us for a free Security Quote now! We provide security services to both residential and commercial properties in California.

We Provide Various Security Guard Services

American Guard Security offers a full range of protection and security Services. Unarmed, Armed, Fire watch, Courtesy Vehicle Patrola nd mobile patrol security guard Services.

American Guard Security guards are fully trained according to the Company Policy, Client Request, state regulations.

Our Guards are Quick and instantly respond to any situation that arises keeping that keep our clients’ safe and our main priority.

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