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High-Rise Building Security Los Angeles. American Guard Security provides highly professional and cost effective high rise building security services with highly trained officers, integrating technology into security while providing outstanding customer service. We provide specialized security plans services for every type of high-rise building.

High-Rise Building Security Los Angeles. High rise facility security requires a thorough understanding of the unique challenges associated with vertical environments. Every building situation and security needs are unique to each client and can sometime vary greatly from one to other. It is important that residents, their families and their guests feel safe, secure and welcome. The public presence of readily identifiable, professional security guards shapes your tenant’s opinion of building management and its’ safety.


American Guard Security invests the time and resources to determine your specific security requirements. Our approach to high rise security is proactive and is custom designed with procedures and policies to ensure consistent adherence to your security plan. We want to make certain that your tenants are safe within the spaces they occupy. Security personnel undergo extensive training program, modeled after Building Owners Management Association (BOMA) International requirements, to ensure a high level of service.


At American Guard Security, we have expertise in providing responsive, residential security officers who truly become part of a happy community.

American Guard Security High Rise Security Include:

Access Control: American Guard Security provides access control to those who are permitted on premises and within your high rise building.

Security Console/Control Room Central Station Operation: American Guard Security Officers will monitor your security console to provide immediate action on emergencies and or alarm.

Reception Service: American Guard Security professionals excel at providing a courteous and professional reception staff for your building.

Mobile/Foot Patrol: American Guard Security mobile patrol can significantly prevent or deter crime and intrusion in and around your high-rise building.

Internal/External Mail Control: Our security officers/security guards can facilitate your mail and package delivery for tenants.

Emergency Response: Our security officers keep tenants safe during emergencies and life threatening situations by following standard evacuation protocols. They will facilitate large scale evacuation.

Visitor/Tenant Control: Our security guards ensure the proper identification verification and escort of visitors to keep your tenants and residents’ safe at all times.

Power System Management: American Guard Security officers actively monitor power systems and alarms to keep your tenants safe.

Security Monitoring: Our officers monitor service personnel and building staff for maintaining safety and security.

Integrated security Technology: We focus on integrating technology into security that allow tenants to use their Smartphone and tablets to set their own alarms, receive message about windows/doors left unlocked etc.

Video Monitoring: Video surveillance is the most common security retrofit that we use for a residential high rise, followed by card access system.

Security Survey/Security Risk Assessment: Our management professionals will conduct professional physical Security Survey & Security Risk Assessment (SRA) of the high-rise building to identify threats, vulnerabilities and risks.

Fire Prevention Survey: Our professional staff will conduct fire prevention survey to identify associated risks and for preparing Fire Prevention Plan in accordance with Fire Department Code.


We take it very seriously when it comes to secure high raise building. We create layers of defense to ensure all stakeholders are safe and secured while maintaining privacy. We conduct Security Risk Assessment (SRA) of the high-rise building, identify potential threats, and risks, and recommend risk mitigation strategies to the building management for appropriate security measures. Our vigilant and alert officers will safely and efficiently respond if any unpleasant situation event occurs.


Management personnel are our partners and we work collaboratively with them for implementing security measures. We customize security solutions based on clients’ needs and budgets. Your tenants and occupants will appreciate the added security and possibly maintain long term tenancy. We create a safe and comfortable living environment for your high-rise residential community. With our low price guarantee, we will meet or beat any competitors’ price.

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