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Home Owner Association Security Services

Give the best Security Services for Homeowner Associations and other residential Communities.

Residential Security Guards

Private Security Services for HOAs in California

Apartment security services in California have now become a necessity. As a resident of a Home Owner Association, you have different security concerns than those who live in other types of residential communities. The fact that you live in close proximity to other homeowners and that there is a high level of visitor activity in your area means that your community is at greater risk of incursion and crime. In residential communities, daytime burglary incidents are more common now than they were 6-7 years ago.

Consequently, you must select a professional security services provider to ensure the safety and security of your community. The HOA security services not only deal with threats and crimes but also ensure that your association’s rules and regulations are followed, such as parking enforcement and access control. When it comes to your Home Owner Association in California, you may depend on American Guard Security to provide prompt and dependable security services.


A qualified and experienced security guard can patrol the perimeter of your residential community, keep watch in a particularly susceptible area, and/or act as a lobby or gate guard. All this can be accomplished with the help of American Guard Security. Our guards can undertake random patrols on foot, by bike, or in a golf cart or vehicle, or they can be assigned to a specific gate to protect it against unauthorized access.

At times when they are on duty, our guards can be responsible for a variety of other tasks, including opening and closing pool gates and locker rooms, gyms, and other communal areas; enforcing community or HOA rules; enforcing parking restrictions; providing fire watch services; controlling gate access for residents, guests, and vendors; and assisting with evacuation procedures in an emergency situation.

American Guard Security has been providing the residents of California with impeccable Home Owner Association security services for years now, and we are well aware of the security threats that may exist in these residential areas. Hence, we have designed our security services to address those risks. We provide a comprehensive range of effective HOA security services to our customers.

Our technologically advanced security systems are seamlessly linked with our highly qualified security guards, who perform everything from patrolling to CCTV surveillance and access control. American Guard also offers parking enforcement services. We assist you in protecting your community and assets while also reducing security threats to your infrastructure and premises.

We have high expectations for our guards that work in residential communities because the quality of our service is directly related to the quality of our training. As a result, we only hire security guards who are registered with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) and have at least one year of experience working for a mid-to-large-sized organization. Our qualified and experienced guards have proved that they have completed a variety of security courses, passed a thorough background check, and have the ability to maintain a site safe and secure by virtue of their employment.

Good communication skills, a nice approach, and a professional and well-groomed appearance are all qualities we seek when employing new security officers. Once hired, our management staff reviews each guard’s performance on a regular basis and asks them to participate in regular training sessions.

American Guard Security Services is a state-licensed private patrol company with insurance coverage that goes above and beyond statutory regulations. Call today to let us know what kind of security guard and patrol services your neighborhood requires.

Our security experts will be able to build a unique solution that matches your needs and fits your budget after conducting a full interview and review of your property. We provide free phone consultations as well as a range of short- and long-term contract choices. American Guard is committed to providing the best residential security services in California; if you already have a bid from the competition, we promise to match or beat it.

We Can assign security guards to any location in California within an hour of receiving your request, if necessary. In order to obtain additional information about security services, please contact us at +1 818-310-0183or by email at for a free security quote.

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