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Commercial Real Estate

When it comes to dealing with trespassers, mitigating liabilities, and protecting valuable real estate, AGS Services can develop a security plan to meet your unique needs. We know that not all security needs are the same, so we utilize our 25+ years of experience to guide our customers to an effective security solution.


Commercial Real Estate Security Personnel & Technologies

We combine highly trained and vetted security personnel with state-of-the-art technologies to deliver elite security programs to the Commercial Real Estate industry.


Security Personnel

American Guard Security Officers, Receptionists, Fire Watch, and Executive Protection Agents are the foundation of success for our organization. Security personnel are screened, onboarded, and trained to deliver high levels of professionalism to exceed our customers' expectations.

Mobile Surveillance Units

No existing camera system, external power, or internet source is needed with Mobile Surveillance Units. These self-sufficient Units are solar powered, equipped with cellular service, and include live video monitoring to protect your property, business, or asset anywhere in the USA.

Live Video Monitoring

Connect any camera system to our USA monitoring center and save up to 80% on traditional security guarding costs. Our professional monitoring center will proactively deter crime as they warn trespassers through a loudspeaker, dispatch police, or dispatch mobile patrol during a live event.

Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrol Service is an efficient cost savings solution for companies that require security functions to be performed, but don’t need a standing security officer on-site. Schedule a security officer to visit and perform any scope of work, or even be dispatched to respond to alarms.

AGS Values

At American Guard Security, we embody our Core-4 values as fundamental principles to guide our organization in accomplishing our mission of creating safer communities. Our values are at the forefront of every decision and action taken at AGS.

Help People Succeed

We continuously train, mentor, and develop people so they are equipped to achieve their professional and personal goals. We are positive, encouraging, and motivating to help people succeed in overcoming any challenge.

Lead The Way

With a passion to be the best, we lead the way with hard work ethic, and reliability. We innovate, constantly improve, and strive to develop proactive solutions that exceed expectations.

Build Sustainable Relationships

We believe that long-lasting, harmonious relationships are essential in delivering high-quality customer service. We treat all people with dignity and respect to nurture a caring, and friendly environment to build sustainable relationships.

Do The Right Thing

We take ownership in what we do, with honesty and integrity. Our team can be relied upon to do the right thing, because we possess strong moral principles.

Dependable service

We regularly check the industry to ensure our clients get the best fair price. We have over decades' worth of experience in providing a range of security services.

Licensed Guards

Our dedicated security guards are licensed, screened, vetted, and receive regular briefings and standards requirements by AGS training.

Dependable service

We regularly check industry prices and ensure we provide fair pay to our officers to ensure our customers get the best price

Dedicated Officers

We ensure all of our officers and employees share our commitment and continue to raise standards of performance

Customized Security Services

American Guard Security provides a wide range of complete services customized to your safety needs and requirements.

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