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Pest Control Security

American Guard Security Services offers Pest Control security services in Los Angeles, San Diego and various other counties of California, regardless of the size and type of the property. No matter how many units your apartment community has, our security guards are trained to offer high security services.

Need Security Guard Services for Pest Control, Extermination or Fumigation?

Fumigation is a prime time for thieves to vandalize and burglarize a property which is why getting a security guard company may be a good idea. Whether it’s a house or an apartment burglaries target these locations when they see the big colored tents because they know that no one is there to monitoring the location. Considering the monetary cost of replacement of valuables and the emotional cost of worrying about the possibility of having to replace them, our services are invaluable.

Can hiring security guard services help with pest control, fumigation or exterminations?

With American Guard Security fumigation security specialist, you get the peace of mind you need in knowing that thieves won’t even attempt to enter your building while our Private Security Guard is protecting your home at every moment.
When fumigating or doing pest control do not take a chance. Give us a call today and have our Security Guards protect your home to the fullest extent.

Tips for exterminations, fumigations and pest control:

What do most homes that get broken into during a fumigation have in common? — They didn’t book fumigation security!

List of fumigation security duties:


American Guard Security takes pride in providing efficient and professional security services, such as private security, armed guard protection, event security, residential security, retail security, and more. For a FREE quick quote, fill out the form below with your requirement details.

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