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Live Video Monitoring

Connect any camera system to our monitoring system and save on traditional dedicated security guarding costs. Our professional monitoring center will proactively deter crime as they warn trespassers through a loudspeaker, dispatch, or dispatch mobile patrol in real-time.

Dispatch Security & Police

Our live video monitoring specialists can perform any scope of work desired, including dispatching security for non-threatening trespassers, and calling the police when appropriate, such as active break ins.

Proactive Video Monitoring Solutions

Apply Live Video Monitoring to any camera system capable of connecting to the internet. Our video monitoring specialist will monitor your property, respond to alerts, and perform virtually any scope of work desired. Add talk down speakers to your camera system and our monitoring center can proactively warn off trespassers before an incident occurs.

Industry Leading Technology

Our state-of-the-art video monitoring center is protected, secure, and utilizes proprietary software systems to optimize security and response efficiencies. Apply Superiors Artificial Intelligence camera modules to any camera system and create endless possibilities on what your camera system is able to detect.

Dependable service

We regularly check the industry to ensure our clients get the best fair price. We have over decades' worth of experience in providing a range of security services.

Licensed Guards

Our dedicated security guards are licensed, screened, vetted, and receive regular briefings and standards requirements by AGS training.

Dependable service

We regularly check industry prices and ensure we provide fair pay to our officers to ensure our customers get the best price

Dedicated Officers

We ensure all of our officers and employees share our commitment and continue to raise standards of performance

Customized Security Services

American Guard Security Officers provide a wide range of complete services customized to your safety needs and requirements.

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