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Private Security Guards for Your Hotel in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Private Hotel Security Guards:

In the current macro environment, security risks are ever-increasing. A hotel is one place where people come to relax, enjoy, and at times for business. They want a safe environment to let down their hair and do not want any unwarranted disturbances. That is why safety and security are very important in hotels.

Hotels need to have safety and security protocols in place to protect guests, employees, and assets. Installing security systems in addition to security guards can go a long way in making the place safe.

What are the safety and security measures to be followed in a hotel?

There are several ways in which you can efficiently secure and improve your hotel security using AGS security guard company in  Orange County, San Diego, LA, & more.

Quality surveillance cameras –

The security guard company can help invest in good quality surveillance cameras, metal detectors, face scanners, and baggage scanners. Cameras need to be installed in key areas, such as entrances and exits, lifts, floors, etc. These digital cameras with intelligent access systems and software can help identify unwanted people in the lobby or the floors in the hotel.

Staff Training –

Staff is the first responder in case there is a problem in the hotel. The security guard company can train the staff on security protocol, by regularly updating them on the new developments and any new tech installed on the premises.

Physical Surveillance – 

You must have security guards to patrol the lobby, staircases, bar, and restaurants. They need to be around the parking lot also, keeping a close watch for suspicious activity. Security can keep control of guests who become unruly after consuming alcohol. They can escort guests to their vehicles in case they request it.

Background checks of the staff

Security background checks on staff are a must. Security guards can ensure the people you are hiring are trustworthy and have the guest and business interests in mind.

Protect Assets 

Hotel security guards can protect the property of the guests and hotel such as computers, TVs, furnishing, cameras, etc. They also have to protect the assets the guests leave behind in their rooms and their vehicle in the parking lot. They can help in the investigation in case anything is stolen.

What To Look For When Selecting Hotel Security Guards Company:

When selecting a security guard company in Los Angeles, it is important to select an experienced and qualified guard who can deal with day-to-day issues at the hotel.

The American Frontline Guards’ team has expert security professionals who can guarantee 24/7 security for your hotel. To see how we can make a difference, let’s schedule an evaluation of your property today.

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