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Residential Complexes/HOA

Residential Complexes and HOA Security Guard Services

American Guard Security provides security guards to protect your home, we offer comprehensive solutions including on-site security officers or vehicle patrols every few hours to make sure your property in safe. Hiring American Guard Security will protect your residents and your real estate assets effectively and affordably.

24/7 Security For Property Management

Both prospective residents and current residents of apartment or condo complexes have one priority above all others: to feel safe. As a property management company, you want to provide security for your tenants, but you also understand the importance of budget and expenditure management.

Gate Security and Access Control – Private Security for Residential Areas

American Guard Security Services offers apartment security services in  Los Angeles, San Diego and various other counties of California, regardless of the size and type of the property. No matter how many units your apartment community has, our security guards are trained to offer high security services. Our unarmed security guards are also trained.  The primary job of different apartment security guards is to keep a check on visitors, patrol the community area, keep monitor apartment’s equipment and assets, notify any suspicious behaviors to the authorities, monitor security cameras. Track the visitor lists, unlock and close gates at predetermined times, and help residents and visitors. Patrols on foot and the road keep your property and residents secure from possible threats while also detecting current security issues.

Years of Experience

All of our team of security guards come with years of experience handling difficult situations and possible threats.  If you are planning to conduct a secure high-security protection for your premises, hire our team of experienced officers that can efficiently deal with any issues well in high-risk and hostile situations.

Create a Difference with American Guard Security Professional Security Guard Services

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