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Security Guard Services in San Diego County

We provide a wide range of security solutions for the residents of San Diego County

Professional Security Guard Services in San Diego County

This very populous region of California boasts an abundance of tourist attractions as well as thriving industrial development. Irvine and the San Diego County area, which is sandwiched between two of the state’s most populous cities, is a popular location for trade exhibitions, conventions, tourists, and people looking to immerse themselves in the laid-back California’s lifestyle.  

Businesses and organizations in Riverside County are well aware that security is a major concern in today’s world and knowing the leading security guard company in San Diego County is a must. Security threats can strike at any time and from any location. Employing a skilled security guard firm in Riverside County with a reputation that can be relied upon is essential for business owners and managers. American Guard Security has established itself as the premier provider of San Diego County security guards services for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. Our highly qualified employees, dependable and experienced security guards, and first-rate customer service distinguish us from our competitors.

At American Guard Security, we understand that security is not your business. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive range of security solutions to address all of your most important security needs, including protective officers, unarmed, for temporary and permanent assignments can be dispatched to your location as soon as you require them. Furthermore, because of the excellent level of training, education, and experience that our Ventura County guards have, you can be confident that your guards will arrive at your location prepared to operate.  

American Guard Security is the company that Ventura County businesses turn to when they require the best in trade shows, commercial, residential, medical, retail, construction site. Contact our team of security experts today to receive a free quote and to learn more about the complete security solutions we have to offer you and your business. 

Our Achievement

Our security guards go through extensive training that is tailored to each position. They are dressed in police-style clothes provided by the customer or in uniforms requested by the client. All of our guards are licensed and trained and certified. Security Guards care for us and work very hard to protect, respect everyone, and care for their community, and we care for them just the same. The factor is what led us to achieve great outcomes.


Each and every guard we have onboard is properly trained and certified to provide you with the best services.


Our guards are trained to be punctual; they will always be on time whenever you need their help or support.


Our services are licensed and insured by State Law; thus, you can rely on us to step up in times of emergency.


We have proudly served a number of communities in California and continue to do so to date.


The Best Security Guard Service - AGS

Our security guards have been trained to provide the highest level of service to our clients, which is why they are so well-known throughout California. We make sure that our security personnel goes through a rigorous training program that enforces perfection.

Once our guards go through the intense training program, they are required to pass a thorough background check to ensure that they meet our high standards. Our security guards can adapt to any situation, and we make it a point to diversify our staff.

Apartment Security

American Guard Security Services provides security personnel who are well trained and experienced.

Unarmed Security Guards

American Guard Security Services provides unarmed security personnel who are trained to handle any situation.

Mobile Patrol Security

American Guard Security Services provides quality patrol monitoring for all your patrol needs.

Construction Site Security

American Guard Security Services specializes in loss prevention and employs qualified security personnel.

CCTV Security System

American Guard Security provides everything from home security systems to complex commercial property CCTV monitoring.

Firewatch Security

American Guard Security Services provides fire watch security services to any fire department.

Stay Safe, Stay Connected

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Security Guard Services

Apartment Security

Unarmed Security

Firewatch Security

Mobile Patrol

Traffic Control

Loss Prevention


Construction Security

Virtual Guard

CCTV Systems

Affordable Rates

American Guard Security provides security services which are not only affordable for large corporations but smaller businesses as well.

Affordable Rates 24/7 & Emergency Services

Have a broken glass or damaged entry after a break-in? American Guard Security will step in after police leave to secure the property in lieu of repairs for immediate protection of your asset.

Experienced Security Guards

Whether they’re former military or police, our security guards are among the industries best trained and most seasoned.

Innovative Technology

Real-time, cutting edge security guard tracking system. Monitored by our 24/7 Dispatch Center.

No Long Term Contracts

American Guard Security offers security guard services without the hassle of locking clients into contracts. We offer our professional security services on a trial basis so our clients can see the value of our partnership.

Simply put, at American Guard Security, your success is our mission. American Guard Security has been built on integrity, excellent customer-focused support, and professionalism which remain our core values. At American Guard Security, we stand by our principles, place our clients first, tailor each service to meet customers’ needs, and our security guards are exceptionally trained to deal with every job in a qualified manner 24/7.


Customized Security Services

American Guard Security provides a wide range of complete services customized to your safety needs and requirements.

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