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Why Is Construction Site Theft in LA a Huge Problem? How to Prevent It?

In Los Angeles, theft from construction sites has become a huge problem. These locations have a lot of valuable items, such as machinery, equipment, and supplies. And even though these places have such important items, security is quite low and the area is not well-lit, which makes it a great place for thieves to target.

Let us try to understand why construction site thefts are so common in LA and how to ensure construction site security.

Understanding the Problem

Construction sites in Los Angeles have become more desirable targets for thieves due to the rising cost of wood in the past few years, for several reasons:

Valuable Assets: Lumber is important for building, And its price has increased a lot, which has led to an increase in the value of construction sites.

Demand Exceeding Supply: The increase in demand for wood has resulted in shortages, which have made it even more valuable. With a lack of supplies at construction sites, thefts of wood and other building supplies have a bigger negative impact on ongoing projects.

Minimal Security Investment: The unexpected increase in wood costs caught many site managers off guard, leaving little time to invest in more advanced security measures. Due to the lack of planning, there are more chances for thieves to target weak security.

Easy to Resell: Due to shortages, there is a high market demand for building supplies and stolen lumber, which makes them easy to resell. Construction sites are a popular target since thieves can quite easily sell their stolen products there.

Preventing Construction Site Theft

Even though avoiding theft completely may be difficult, taking preventative measures can greatly lower the chance of theft on construction sites:

Increase Perimeter Security: Construct a strong fence around the building site, locking the gates to keep people out. A secure perimeter can stop potential thieves from trying to take priceless items.

Improve Lighting: Since criminals prefer to work in the shadows of night, proper lighting serves as an effective barrier. Install lights that are activated by movement to brighten the area after hours to discourage criminals.

Install Security Cameras: Install the best security cameras in key places across the construction site. While hidden cameras can be used to secretly record criminal activity, visible cameras are meant to discourage crime.

Maintain a Detailed Inventory: Maintain a thorough inventory of all the lumber and building supplies on the job site. To quickly find any missing items, conduct inventory checks on a regular basis.

Collaborate with Law Enforcement: Build strong relationships with neighborhood law enforcement organizations and let them know about the project. To prevent theft, ask for their help in keeping watch over the area after business hours.

Secure Storage: When not in use, keep valuable tools, equipment, and particularly lumber in locked containers or secure facilities. This reduces the possibility of theft by limiting simple access.

Hire Commercial Security Services: The possibility of theft can be greatly decreased by employing security guards. They act as a powerful barrier to potential robbers by being present on the property.

The rising cost of lumber has fueled construction site theft in Los Angeles, which has increased the need for commercial security services. Construction sites can become less appealing targets for thieves by securing the perimeter, improving lighting, utilizing surveillance cameras, engaging with law enforcement and using construction site security services.

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